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LR Studio is a licensing consulting agency for Manufacturers who seek the highest quality brands and entertainment brand extensions. LR Studio is also an experienced Licensor who can lead licensing programs and secure deals.


Ed Casey

Managing Director

In 2021-22, Ed launched The Boondocks fashion apparel licensing with DeKryptic Apparel.
Boondocks is a hit in-fashion clothing company in both chains and specialty retail.

LR Studio's client de-Kryptic Apparel secured a license and launched approved product at the MAGIC apparel

show in less than 90 days in 2019. Ed furthermore secured Cartoon Network / WB, Smiley Co. and Rubik's Pac Man.

de-Kryptic's Sesame Street apparel is a 2020 licensing hit.

For trademark brand licensing, Ed secured the Bed Head license with Helen of Troy in 2006 for electric hair

styling products. This line continues for 14 years into 2020.


Ed Casey is Managing Director of LR Studio. He has more than thirty years of licensing experience with major companies including Turner / Time Warner’s Cartoon Network, Hearst Corporation, Scripps-Howard and the British Broadcasting Company. LR Studio formed its own business in 2018.


Ed was the lead licensing person for BBC's premiere Doctor Who brand. His licensing success resulted

in two International Licensing awards for Doctor Who at Hot Topic in 2014 and 2016.

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