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Always be Networking

In order to be successful, it’s a huge help if you can master something. Years ago I decided to practice the art of networking and be as good at networking as possible.

Many people think of networking as a tool to get a job, but that’s too limiting.

Networking is just as important when you have a job. In a twist on the theme of “Always Be Closing” line from “Glengarry Glen Ross,” think about the term Always be Networking.

Networking is open to most everyone. It is a professionally accepted and welcomed behavior for the most top executives as well as entry level people.

Here’s some of the benefits:

  1. A person can start friendships and build lasting bonds.

  2. You can network for industry news, connect with new people in your I. industry and those outside of it.

  3. A networker can assist others in reaching their goals and objectives.

Always be networking even when you reach your goals. Keep your contacts in mind, think about assisting others, and it will make you a believer in the power of people and your networking power.


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