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Building Brand Buzz – Part I

Licensors and Licensees can generally cite fan numbers and claim leadership in social media. If you’re responsible for this critical role, are you offering an engaging fan message or is simply promotional?

In my experience working with a sixty-year old brand like Doctor Who we regularly communicated with audiences, held special live fan events at Comic Con and tracked the fan blogs. Here’s some usable ideas to engage fans and also build brand buzz:

  1. Run a simple poll on social media that asks fans to choose their favorite t-shirt design or action figure. Pick five fans randomly and send them the item that fans requested the most. Create a little more sizzle by asking a retailer to sponsor the fan poll. It also helps if you are aware of state rules regarding polls and prize awards.

  2. Engage fans worldwide and ask the question, “Where in the world is …” and add in the brand or character name. Fans can send in their photo of the character’s action figure, fashion apparel or even an artist drawing with different geographic locations as backgrounds.

Remember to post fans first names so they get the recognition. Be sure to advise fans firsthand.

3. Send a star or random celebrity your product and request a photo of them with it. Will this work? Marketers hire agencies for this but companies do it on their own all the time. A friend of mine who was a popular actor never received his action figure until I requested it from the studio. His reaction upon receiving it – Priceless!


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