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Finding Solutions Part I

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Business owners, executives, employees, and people searching employment are faced with more problems in 2023 than they could ever have imagined. People are resourceful and with a little thought and work can find ways to work through the challenges.

Just take a twist on the famous characters Holmes and Watson who said eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, must be the truth.

Here’s a guide:

  1. Research: Communicate with sales, staff, vendors, any and all people who can assist you with solutions.

  2. Focus: What skills and resources can be brought to resolve the problem?

  3. Find Possible Solutions: Write down every possible solution and - using the Sherlock Holmes method – eliminate the ones that don’t work.

  4. Evaluate Solutions: Get consensus, or make a decision for action.

Keep in mind your personal or company goals which will help to crystallize your thinking.

For more assistance or information in tapping into your solutions, you may contact me at linked and at my company Licensing Resources


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