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Finding Solutions Part II

Whether you’re a small business owner, an executive in a major company, a ’23

College Graduate, or a hard-working person looking for a job or a promotion, you may find your goals more challenging to achieve this year.

Stay focused on results.

Here’s a simple Jedi mind trick (It is May 4th today!): If you can clearly identify your problem, you are more than half way in solving it and achieving results.

Identifying your problem may also be difficult especially during these stressful times.

Here are three areas of resources to seek assistance:

  1. Your support network: Are you keeping in touch with your professional and personal network? If your network can’t offer assistance on the problem, look to expand your network to include people to assist you.

  2. Public resources: Have you considered your library or librarian? Librarians can offer suggestions and professional contacts. Also consider school alumni resources or SCORE – Society of Retired Executives to assist in legal, financial or all kinds of business matters.

  3. Professional support: There are many individuals and firms that can offer any number of services to small, mid-size and large businesses in sales, finance, marketing, research, design, branding and Licensing!

Recently, a friend in my network referred an ad agency to me. Its client required a licensing solution that was beyond the scope of the agency. We had a brief meeting, and the agency felt comfortable they could solve this problem by

seeking a licensing specialist to provide a solution.

Think positively. There are solutions to every problem.


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