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How to Celebrate Victories Large and Small

These days when securing a new deal can feel like finding a case of fine champagne in the desert, it’s important to remember to celebrate victories both large and small.

What may seem like a small victory at the time, and maybe not worth sharing, may actually be quite significant in both the short and long run.

In my experiences, getting a new piece of business would mean a high five from the boss or recognition in a team meeting. Looking back, the best successes were team efforts where everyone in the group could understand they were part of it and made a contribution to team success.

The big celebration was a year-end holiday party and looking forward to another big year ahead. But it’s important to recognize the smaller, incremental victories with the team that eventually lead up to a major growth.

Recently, one of my clients was able to break a new piece of business. We all saw right away its importance and broke into a spontaneous round of applause across our online zoom meeting.

So for everyone striving to get a deal, a new job or secure a significant piece of business, remember to celebrate the victories both large and small as a team, because these shared experiences is what we will take away from memories of our life and work in 2023.


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