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Making Deadlines Work for You

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Timing is everything. After signing my first client, my feeling was that they had the right product, at the right price. Could we make in at the right time? Our challenge was getting it in front of the buyers in time for a trade show in a few months.

The process for managing this project was simple once we broke it down:

  1. Communicate: What are the top priorities and what are the secondary ones?

  2. Get agreement on the major needs.

  3. Make a plan and take action.

This may sound like a simple strategy. What is critical for everyone including third parties to have the sense of urgency needed to complete the project on time.

Fortunately, everyone bought into the plan. We knew had great products to show, and we learned that we had a great licensor/ partner who understood our urgency

If your licensing team has urgent business needs, let’s have a conversation!


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