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Building Brand Buzz Pt II

Ask most manufacturers and sales people and they will tell you that it’s more profitable to sell brands than products or items.

Once you do have brands to market to your customers, here’s a few ideas for to build brand buzz and engage in marketing and smooth selling.

  1. There are a variety of ways to promote your brand products via social media. In my experience as for years a Licensor on Doctor Who, we effectively partnered with retailers who had millions of FB followers. Manufacturers may have their own Instagram pages or partner with the brand or license for promotion.

  2. Shopping is one of America’s great activities, and people are both in the stores, on-line and talking to friends about the best brands. Your brand will have more visibility if it’s part of a retail program featured on table and possibly aided by store posters or window decorations. One creative Licensee hung product from the ceiling in order to get special visibility!

  3. ·Create a limited-edition, unique item and feature it with a preferred retailer. This creates brand excitement and makes your branded product a hero and a prize for those who are able to successfully purchase it. Many licensees take advantage of in-person or on-line events to make special fan products and get additional fan word of mouth and shareable posts.

Once you’re successful at brand selling, you will develop a strategy for future growth.

For a more in-depth discussion on brands and licensing, feel free to get in touch here or at

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